Day 5: RonDell Pooler

Tonight at William Penn House, we are honoring a Peacemaker within our midst at our 3rd Annual “Creating the Peaceable Kingdom” event. RonDell Pooler is an inspiring man with a powerful story of redemption and service. As a youth, he got into a lot of trouble that ultimately led him to serve 6 years in prison. Rather than become a negative statistic, this was a wake-up call for RonDell. Upon leaving prison, he relocated from Norfolk, VA to Washington DC. He started looking for work and ended up enrolled in a Green Job Corps program, learning about environmental stewardship through Washington Parks and People. He eventually worked his way up to volunteer coordinator and now oversees the Green Jobs program. He is a model for others to not give up. He sees that it is not enough to get a job, however, but to also take care of the environment, and that the future holds many opportunities in this area. His work takes place in many of the under-served communities in Washington DC. He is a man of few words, but his actions speak volumes as he works to transform communities he once “helped destroy”.  See more about his story here.


RonDell says “I feel I’m obligated to help clean any neighborhood because I helped destroy not only the neighborhood that I used to live in, but other people’s neighborhoods.” In that spirit, for today, think about how we all may be impacting those around us in ways we may not be aware of.


2 thoughts on “Day 5: RonDell Pooler

  1. RonDell Pooler’s story speaks to me. Often we hear about the heroism of past giants. To hear the story of a current day humble giant is uplifting and inspiring.


    1. Thanks, James. That’s a huge part of this exercise for us – to highlight people that are not the “giants”, but hopefully inspirational and accessible, or to show examples of actions that do not fit so much of the “petitions/yard signs/advocacy” model that is so prevalent.


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