2016: 40 More Days with Peacemakers

For the second year, we are running a “40 Days with Peacemakers” series, starting on February 10 and running until March 20 (Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday). While roughly following the Lenten calendar, this exercise is less about Lent and more about the value of engaging mindfully in a ritual for an extended period until it becomes a regular practice. By telling the stories of peacemakers, and taking a few minutes to reflect on their work, impact and/or message for 40 days, the wisdom of peacemaking becomes more a fabric of our own lives. PEACEMAKERS_std_t

This is a random, often organic, list of people. Much of the biographical information comes from wikipedia and other public sources, as do the quotes.

These postings will be shared on the facebook pages of William Penn House, William Penn Quaker Workcamps, and WPQW Community Gardens, as well as on our twitter. You can also sign up on this site to get them automatically in your inbox. We hope you join along and enjoy the ride.


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