For 40 days starting on February 10 (Ash Wednesday) and ending on March 20 (Palm Sunday), William Penn House will for the second year in a row be posting a daily reflection about people that have made an impact in the world of peacemaking. Some are historical. Some are still with us. Some may not be considered peacemakers, but their words and actions perhaps give pause to reflect, to challenge assumptions, and hopefully inspire all of us to keep trying. By taking time every day for 40 days to reflect on these people, we might be better practitioners the rest of the year.

This list is an organic list, representing people from all faiths, times and places. The bios are not meant to be comprehensive. They come from a range of internet resources as well as, in some cases, personal connections. Our definition of “Peacemaker” is broad and include people who “speak truth to power”, people who challenge the status quo, people who simply raise doubt that cause all of us to pause and consider our own inclinations to be righteous and divisive. They are writers, thinkers, philanthropists, bridge-builders, and doers. There are saints, humanitarians and sinners – often at the same time.

Throughout the year, William Penn House and William Penn Quaker Workcamps engage in the hard work of breaking down barriers of classification that are at the root of all violence. We do this by welcoming travelers from all over the world into our hostel, by hosting speakers to talk about their work and missions at our monthly potlucks, and in our Quaker Workcamps in the DC community as well as Pine Ridge, SD, New Orleans, and rural West Virginia. We welcome you to join us at any of our events or to bring your group to have their own experience in developing a voice and having experiences of peacemaking. Please contact us for more information. 


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